Face Forward into 2018

Here at Paul Sabini, MD we offer a wide array of non-surgical procedures that can be of benefit to you based on your individual needs. If you are unsure which procedure is best suited for you, set up a consultation with us and we’ll work out a plan tailored for you. As always, if you … Continue reading Face Forward into 2018

A Little Nosey | Rhinopyma

Dr. Paul Sabini, has been performing surgical and non-surgical treatment on patients for years. Facial surgery remains one of his passions, and each year he takes a trip to Quito with a team of volunteers to treat children with facial and congenital deformities. As a collaborator, Dr. Sabini has gained experience using the most advanced … Continue reading A Little Nosey | Rhinopyma

Minor Changes that can make Major Differences

Aging is a process that just simply cannot be beaten. Unless you have direct access to the fountain of youth no matter how much water you drink or how often you exercise you can’t get around it! With modern medicine and the technology that we currently possess, however, you can make a few minor changes … Continue reading Minor Changes that can make Major Differences

A Few Facelift Facts

What is a rhytidectomy you might ask? We happen to know. A rhytidectomy is a Greek term for what’s known in society as a facelift. Facial plastic surgery is an option millions of people choose every year, for a variety of reasons. It’s been 116 years since the very first plastic surgery was completed on … Continue reading A Few Facelift Facts

Vitamin C and your Skin Care

Here at Paul Sabini Facial Plastic Surgery, our business is you and your skin care.  When you visit our office, we want you to know that we take pride and ownership in the level of service we provide, as well as the work that we do. Maintaining your skin is one of the best ways … Continue reading Vitamin C and your Skin Care

Botox: Your Questions Answered

With so many of today’s celebrities going overboard on plastic surgery, Botox has easily gotten a bad wrap. Because of this many people have questions about Botox and the many misconceptions around it. Botox is a very popular treatment for a number of reasons. That’s why we’ve put this list together to help answer any … Continue reading Botox: Your Questions Answered

Is a Rhinoplasty Right For You?

Do you feel that the size of your nose does not balance with your other facial features? Have you ever considered rhinoplasty? If you’re looking for the perfect plastic surgeon to trust one of your most prized possessions with, look no further. If you’re in the Newark Delaware area come see Dr. Paul Sabini, experienced … Continue reading Is a Rhinoplasty Right For You?

Your Best Face Forward

Dr. Sabini has been working with patients for decades. In that time his expertise has evolved, as has the size and scope of work the practice carries out each day. The office was opened 39 years ago in a space that was only 750 sq ft with just two employees. Today we work out of … Continue reading Your Best Face Forward

Cellulite Basics

Are you self-conscious about cellulite on your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs? While cellulite isn’t harmful in a medical sense, it can detract from your appearance and reduce your confidence. Keep reading to learn more about cellulite. What is cellulite? Cellulite describes the uneven dimples and lumps on skin caused by fat pushing up against connective … Continue reading Cellulite Basics

Preventing And Treating Acne

Acne can be embarrassing and painful and in some cases, it can permanently scar your skin. Find out how to prevent breakouts and treat acne below. Preventing Breakouts While you can’t always completely avoid breakouts, there are many things you can do to protect your skin and minimize the number and severity of breakouts you … Continue reading Preventing And Treating Acne