Category: Scar Revision

Face Forward into 2018

Here at Paul Sabini, MD we offer a wide array of non-surgical procedures that can be of benefit to you based on your individual needs. If you are unsure which procedure is best suited for you, set up a consultation with us and we’ll work out a plan tailored for you. As always, if you … Continue reading Face Forward into 2018

Vitamin C and your Skin Care

Here at Paul Sabini Facial Plastic Surgery, our business is you and your skin care.  When you visit our office, we want you to know that we take pride and ownership in the level of service we provide, as well as the work that we do. Maintaining your skin is one of the best ways … Continue reading Vitamin C and your Skin Care

Don’t Be a Scar Face

Dermatology is all about keeping your skin beautiful and healthy. But if you have a noticeable scar on your face, it can seriously inhibit these goals. Because of this, Dr. Sabini offers scar revision procedures to help you feel confident about your skin. The Goals of Scar Revision Scars mar the texture and tone of … Continue reading Don’t Be a Scar Face

No Need to Hide Those Scars Anymore!

Scars do not only remind us of the past, but they also constantly keep us in the dark since we always make sure they are well hidden from the public. Scars, especially in totally conspicuous places, can sure be embarrassing and can decrease our self-esteem bit by bit. Good thing plastic surgery has been working … Continue reading No Need to Hide Those Scars Anymore!