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Is Facial Rejuvenation For You?

Are you a potential candidate for some facial rejuvenation? Between surgical and non-surgical options, Paul Sabini Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of solutions that can help you achieve full confidence and satisfaction. While all of our services are great and efficient, today we are going to focus on some of our more popular procedures. … Continue reading Is Facial Rejuvenation For You?

Reveal Your Best Self

Dr. Paul Sabini, has been performing surgical and non-surgical treatments on patients for many years. Facial plastic surgery is one of Dr. Sabini’s many specialties, he has collaborated on the most advanced artistic and scientific techniques in plastic surgery. Making him one of the top plastic surgeons in Wilmington, DE, that you can trust to … Continue reading Reveal Your Best Self

Minor Changes that can make Major Differences

Aging is a process that just simply cannot be beaten. Unless you have direct access to the fountain of youth no matter how much water you drink or how often you exercise you can’t get around it! With modern medicine and the technology that we currently possess, however, you can make a few minor changes … Continue reading Minor Changes that can make Major Differences

A Few Facelift Facts

What is a rhytidectomy you might ask? We happen to know. A rhytidectomy is a Greek term for what’s known in society as a facelift. Facial plastic surgery is an option millions of people choose every year, for a variety of reasons. It’s been 116 years since the very first plastic surgery was completed on … Continue reading A Few Facelift Facts

Preparing for Your Facelift in Newark

Aging, sun damage, and other environmental factors cause skin to wrinkle and appear old. These signs of aging will appear sooner or later and eventually take their toll on your face. Fortunately, there is a way to fight back, a facelift. Good candidates for a facelift A good candidate is generally healthy, does not smoke, … Continue reading Preparing for Your Facelift in Newark