Enhancing Your Looks with Fat Grafting

June 30, 2015

A fat grafting procedure (also known as fat transfer or fat injection) transfers fat from areas in your body that have excess fat (the outer thigh, for instance) and injects it back into areas that can use added fat for plumping/filling (breasts, hands, buttocks, or the face). This is a safe and a long-lasting procedure that produces natural-looking results.

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Fat grafting can be used to:

  • Fill facial areas that are creased and sunken
  • Improve your body contour
  • Rejuvenate your hands and face
  • Revise scars
  • Hide obvious signs of breast implants
  • Fill body depressions

Fat grafting procedure

In the procedure fat is first harvested from somewhere on your body where you don’t want it (the buttocks or lower stomach are typical locations). The fat is then washed and purified and carefully re-injected into areas that are deficient in fat. Fat grating may be done several times in order to achieve the desired outcome. Fat grafting can be divided into three stages:

  • Harvesting
  • Purification and transfer
  • Placement

Harvesting: The surgeon selects a fat removal site after consultation with you. The surgeon then creates a small incision in that area and carefully extracts the fat with a cannula connected to a syringe.

Purification and transfer: Once the requisite amount of fat has been obtained from the donor area, it will be processed by the surgeon to prepare the fat cells and then transferred to small syringes that will be used for re-injection. Purification may be done through a filtration process or a centrifuge.

Placement: The area to receive the fat will be prepared. The surgeon will then insert the needle into the incision point of the area being augmented. This procedure is repeated several times until the desired outcome has been achieved.

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