No Need to Hide Those Scars Anymore!

July 31, 2014

Scars do not only remind us of the past, but they also constantly keep us in the dark since we always make sure they are well hidden from the public. Scars, especially in totally conspicuous places, can sure be embarrassing and can decrease our self-esteem bit by bit. Good thing plastic surgery has been working wonders throughout these years.

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How Scar Revision Works

Scar revision improves or reduces the appearance of your scars. Not only does it treat the surface, it also allows the treated area to function normally. Scar revision surgery can also provide a great help to people with any skin disfigurement due to a wound, injury, or previous surgery. This surgery can be done while you are awake, sedated, or in deep sleep. Your anesthetic options will be discussed by Dr. Sabini during your initial consultation.

What to Take Note

Scar revision can reduce the appearance of scars, but it will not make a scar fully disappear. Moreover, if you currently have a scar, it is best to wait a couple of months before resorting to surgical revision. This is because a scar normally shrinks and lightens in color as people age. This can take from several months to a year after the wound has completely healed. However, it is also recommended to consider scar revision in about 60 to 90 days after scar maturation.

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