There are several dermal fillers used by Dr. Sabini to temporarily soften facial creases and wrinkles, enhance shallow contours, plump lips and help give your face a more youthful appearance. As we age, our bodies see a reduction in the amount of hyaluronic acid (HA), causing our skin to lose volume and structure, resulting in those unwanted lines and wrinkles. Restylayne®, Restylayne Silk®, Restylayne Lyft®, and Juvederm® XC are dermal fillers that help to temporarily replace the HA.

They provide immediate results with minimal recovery. They are performed in the office and can take up to 30 minutes. Dermal fillers are not permanent and need to be repeated if you would like to maintain the appearance. They can last from six months to a year depending on the type of correction you desire. We normally recommend full correction, which has been termed by the company, Medicis, the makers of Restylayne®, Restylayne Silk®, and Restylayne Lyft®. Full correction is simply using the right amount of product in the appropriate treatment areas of your face to get your desired results. You may experience mild irritation, swelling, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site after your treatment. These symptoms resolve in a few hours. Most usually resolve within 24-48 hours. Dermal fillers can be used in combination with other procedures like Botox®, Dysport®, chemical peels, Ultherapy and many surgical procedures.

These products can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. These areas include the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds or laugh lines) and the corners of the mouth to the chin (mesolabial folds or marionette lines). It is also used for lip enhancement as well as the corners of the mouth (oral commissures) to “turn your frown upside down”.

Sometimes different fillers are used in combination to achieve the desire results. The treatment can take up to 30 minutes. Most of the dermal fillers are now infused with lidocaine, making the treatment more comfortable. You may experience swelling and pin-point bruising to treated areas. The effects are immediate and can last six to nine months. At your consult with Dr. Sabini or his nurse injector, they will review what the best treatment option is for you and your budget.

Juvederm XC is a smooth gel filler used to smooth away wrinkles around the mouth and nose. Juvederm® XC is available in two forms: Ultra and Ultra Plus. Juvederm® Ultra is used to treat more superficial lines whereas Juvederm® Ultra Plus is used for those deeper folds or lines where more volume is needed. They are used in the laugh lines around the mouth, marionette folds, and vertical lip lines as well as lip enhancement. Juvederm® is infused with lidocaine to make your treatment more comfortable. You may experience swelling and pin-point bruising following your treatment. Juvederm®XC is FDA approved to last up to one year but the effects of your treatment will vary depending on how much product is used, the individual and the area(s) treated. If you want to learn more or see if Juvederm® XC is right for you, schedule a consult with Dr. Sabini or his nurse injector.

A different type of dermal filler is Radiesse®. It is made up of calcium based microspheres, suspended in a water based gel, unlike other fillers which are made up of hyaluronic acid. Radiesse® Volumizing filler works instantly by adding volume and lift to diminish the signs of aging. Radiesse® is different because it acts as a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and stimulating your own natural collagen production. The production of collagen continues for several months after your initial injection. This treatment can last up to a year. Radiesse® is not right for everyone so talk to Dr. Sabini or the nurse injector to find out if it is right for you.